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Careers in Quarrying - Career Change

Case Studies

Sarah ByardCustomer Service Administrator
Sarah Byard - MPA member company

My job title is a Customer Service Administrator which gives me quite a varied role, so each day is very rarely the same. My first job of the day is to make sure all of my orders that I have input on behalf of my customers are being delivered on time, which involves me speaking to our transport department and in turn my customers.

The rest of my working day is mainly taken up by taking customer orders over the phone or via fax and generally dealing with customer enquiries.

There is a varied amount of computer work, paperwork and telesales, all of which I have received a lot of internal and external training which is very good as I had no previous administration experience.


Internal Accounts Rep
Clare Watts - MPA member company

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case study.

I enjoy this industry as it is so varied on a day to day basis. There is a huge opportunity to learn so much technical knowledge. I have worked in distribution, production, Landfill and recycling and now sales and have always felt I have learnt so much.

This company accepts women with open arms within the production side and I have never felt as though I was an outsider even though I was the only woman on site on many occasions. I have been given lots of opportunities to train and gain qualifications and, now I have a daughter, I am office based to help with my hours and travel etc.

This industry is exciting and covers everything from securing the land and minerals, extraction and production, haulage and sales, to credit control. We also get heavily involved in restoration - where else can you get so many opportunities for different job roles within one industry?! I am also proud of our mind set towards Health and Safety.

Internal Accounts Rep
Samantha Adcock - MPA member company

I start work between 8.30am and 9.30am, but at Lafarge there is no such thing as a typical day which makes it a very exciting job. Throughout the day we are constantly speaking to a wide variety of people, finding out about them, there lives and the jobs they are doing. In doing that we are able to price the job which benefits them and Lafarge. Also I do a lot of daily admin which involves, quote inputting, query tracking, forecasting, reports and price vetting. At the end of the day I finish between 4.30 and 5.30 tidy my desk so it’s all fresh and ready to start again in the morning.

There is a great sense of team spirit within our department a real sense of belonging. There is also an eagerness to do our best in all we do for Lafarge, our customers and ourselves.

Works Manager
Simon Fowler - MPA member company

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case study.

No day is ever the same - with a 24/7 operating license. From organising crews to driving mobile plant, mixing asphalt, doing risk assessments, audits, plant maintenance, ordering stocks, planning for and keeping to budgets, it’s all in a days work!

Leigh HemsilOperative
Leigh Hemsil - MPA member company

I’m a Fork lift operator and I my working day begins at 6.00am and finishes at 3.00pm so I enjoy my afternoon. My first task of the day is to check my fork truck for any faults, i.e. oil leaks, tyres, diesel, etc.

After this I empty all large scrap bins into the waste skips, and then my main duty is to take the packs of paving off the production line and out into the stock yard ready for despatching to customers.


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